Short Term Loan Calculator

Short Term Loan Calculator

Short Term Loan Calculator

Get a short term loan without doing any long division. Just plug in some numbers and we’ll do the math for you.

Loan Amount ? Loan Amount

This represents the total amount of money you could receive from your Term Loan. As a general rule, you want to choose an amount that covers what you need, without taking extra money you won’t necessarily use.


$5,000 $2,000,000

Interest Rate ? Interest Rate

Your interest rate will vary depending on creditworthiness. Choose an interest rate you think might be able to qualify for. This will directly affect both your monthly payment and total payback amount.


6% 24%

Loan Term ? Loan Term

Choose a term, or time to payback the loan, that suits your needs. Our Term Loans range from 12-60 months.

15 months

13 months 60 months

Extra Monthly Payment ? Extra Monthly Payment

Think you’ll have some extra cash to pay your Term Loan back even faster? Adding extra payments will drastically decrease your Term Loan and total payback amount.


$0 $20,000

Monthly Payment

? Monthly Payment

This amount is what you will owe monthly on your Term Loan. Try adjusting the loan amount, interest rate, or loan term to increase or decrease your payment.


Number of Payments

? Number of Payments

Our Term Loans are on monthly payment schedules. This means that you will have one payment per month, and the loan term should line up with the numbe of payments.


Total Payback Amount

? Total Payback Amount

Total Payback Amount The amount you will pay back on your Term Loan will be the sum of the loan amount (the money you received) and the interest generated on that money. Lower interest rates and shorter terms decrease the total amount.


Short term loans can help keep your business out of hot water with access to working capital when you need it. Our short term loan calculator accounts for the primary factors that influence payments—loan amount, interest rate, loan term, and collateral—to give you a sense of the monthly payments your business will owe.

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