Accounts Receivable Finance

Our professional will work with you to understand what accounts receivable financing solution best fits your business and cash flow needs.

Accounts Receivable Finance

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Unique Benefits

Accounts receivable financing is a type of short-term funding that a company can obtain by utilizing its receivables. It is especially handy if there is a time mismatch between the business’s cash inflows and outflows.

Opens up cashflow

Typically lower interest rates

Doesn't require other collateral

Saves time for collecting your receivables

Ability to factor new AR as they become available.

Loan Amount:

$10,000 – $5 Million



6 Months – 10 Years


1-5 Days

How To Qualify

No Minimum FICO

To qualify for the accounts receivable financing, No Minimum to a minimum of 600+ credit scores are required varies upon lenders.

$500,000 in Annual Gross Sales

The minimum revenue to qualify for the accounts receivable is $180,000 annual gross sales or $1M varies upon lenders.

1 year time in Business

You can qualify for a minimum of 1 year varies upon lenders.


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